Jerseyitech aids your business in streamlining and addressing security as well as compliance issues through creative security solutions that help IT Teams:

  • Identify and address visible and invisible threats.
  • Understand the risks associated with business.
  • Protect data, information, IP and applications from theft and manipulation.
  • Improve security posture to support the dynamic nature of business.
  • Securely adopt new technologies.
  • Our Security and Compliance Solutions have enabled many organizations across the globe conduct safer business.
  • Identity & Access Management.
  • Data & App Protection.
  • Cyber Infrastructure Security.


Security Assurance

JerseyItech’s Security Assurance Services assist in determining the compliance level of technical security controls with applicable regulations legislative and standard requirements such as PCI DSS, UK DPA, HIPAA and ISO 27001. JerseyItech’s Technical Security Assessments comprise of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of all the system components that consist of business applications, databases, secure network perimeters, systems and network infrastructure, mobility solutions and virtualized cloud environments for global client base.


Governance Risk & Compliance

JerseyItech GRC services include,

  • Governance
  • Enterprise risk management and assessment.
  • Board compliance capabilities such as options policy compliance, ethics and policy compliance and more.
  • Business performance reporting such as balanced scorecards, risk scorecards, operational controls dashboards and more.
  • Policy management, documentation and communication.


Risk Management.

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk analysis and prioritization.
  • Root cause analysis of issues and mitigation.
  • Risk analytics and trend analysis.



  • Flexible controls hierarchy.
  • Assessments and audits.
  • Issue tracking and remediation.